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Films By Leeds Animation Workshop
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New film
  They Call Us Maids: The Domestic Workers' Story Migrant domestic workers, modern day slavery
Films For People With Learning Disabilities
  Getting Better in Hospital Going to hospital Clip Available
  Getting Together Making friends and starting relationships Clip Available
  Getting Better Going to the doctor, the health clinic, the dentist or the optician Clip Available
  Everyone Can Save Energy Energy saving Clip Available
bullet Bereavement  
  Teenage Grief Parents supporting bereaved teenagers Clip Available
  Not Too Young To Grieve Parents dealing with bereavement in the under-fives Clip Available
  Grief in the Family Families dealing with bereavement
Child Protection  
  Home Truths Young people's experiences of domestic violence
  Believe Me Children's experiences of sexual abuse Clip Available
  Beyond Belief Adults supporting children who have been sexually abused
Parenting and Relationships
  Out to the Family Parents supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teenagers Clip Available
  Bridging the Gap Communication problems between parents and teenagers Clip Available
  Joined-up Families Life in stepfamilies.
  Minding the Baby The impact of a first baby on the parents' relationship Clip Available
  Dads Inside and Out Fathers in prison
  Good to be Home Couples separated by imprisonment
Work and Equal Opportunities
  Out at Work Equal rights at work for lesbian, gay and bisexual people Clip Available
  Through the Glass Ceiling Equal opportunities at work Clip Available
  No Offence Harassment at work Clip Available
  Working with Care Balancing work and family life Clip Available
  Did I Say Hairdressing? I Meant Astrophysics Equal opportunities in science, engineering and technology Clip Available
  All Stressed Up Stress at work
Environmental Issues
  Everyone Can Save Energy Energy saving for people with learning disabilities Clip Available
  Waste Watchers Climate change and energy efficiency
  Alice in Wasteland Environmental pollution and waste
Racism and Bullying in Schools
  A World of Difference Racism in schools
  Tell It Like It Is Gender stereotyping and bullying in schools Clip Available
bullet Golden Oldies
  Give Us a Smile Effect of sexual harassment on women Clip Available
  Crops and Robbers Connections between surplus and famine, aid and trade. Clip Available
  Out to lunch Uses themes of language and space to show how women's lives are constrained by male expectations Clip Available

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