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Tell It Like It Is

(2000, 12 minutes)

Problems faced by young people at school, as a result of gender stereotyping and bullying, are examined in the short animated film.

Classmates Darren and Sharon are each keeping a film diary. The results show them the different worlds girls and boys live in, and the different anxieties they experience. As their understanding grows, they learn to interpret the way other students communicate as they try to build feminine or masculine identities, and conform to or withstand peer pressure.

Light and humourous in tone, the film also raises awareness about male violence - verbal, psychological and physical - in school and in society at large. TELL IT LIKE IT IS aims to help young people understand and when necessary withstand social pressure. It stresses their ability to support each other, to help those who are being bullied, and to challenge oppressive or abusive behaviour.

TELL IT LIKE IT IS provides a stimulus for discussion. Suitable for a wide audience, it is particularly designed for use by a teacher or youth group leader working with 11 to 15-year-olds.

A booklet containing background information is supplied free with the DVD.

Made with financial assistance from the European Community's Daphne Initiative, Leeds City Council Department of Leisure Service, and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

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