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Waste Watchers

(1996, 12 minutes)

Narrated by Maureen Lipman

In a distant solar system, observers discover an atmospheric emergency on one of the inhabited planets, and Special Agent Three is sent out on a rescue mission.

Landing on Earth, she begins to lead a double life. During office hours, she is Energy Aunt, a mild-mannered magazine writer helping people solve their fuel-related emotional problems:

  • My boyfriend doesn't care about energy conservation...
  • My sister's a carbon junkie...
  • My dad never turns the lights out...
  • The baby keeps coughing. I have no money. Should I turn the heating on?
  • Will global warming affect my social life?

At other times, the Special Agent intervenes more directly to monitor and reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. Her powers include thermal vision, the ability to fly, and superhuman optimism...

WASTE WATCHERS is a short animated film designed to encourage energy conservation in the home, the school and the workplace. Humourous and enjoyable, it is suitable for use in lessons and training sessions with audiences of all ages. It raises awareness and provides a memorable and effective source of information about the greenhouse effect, global warming, and simple practical measures everyone can take to improve energy efficiency in everyday life.

A booklet containing discussion notes and resources list is supplied free with the DVD.

WASTE WATCHERS is also available in Greek.

This film was made with financial assistance from the European Commission.

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