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All Stressed Up

(1993, 12 minutes)

Work-related stress can damage your health in ways we are only just beginning to understand.

ALL STRESSED UP challenges several popular assumptions, including:

  • stress is a bosses' disease - on the contrary, those in repetitive, low-paid jobs are particularly at risk;

  • stress-related illness is a sign of personal inadequacy - it is now recognised that many jobs involve stress: the problem lies not with the worker, but in the workplace itself;

  • a little bit of stress won't hurt you - in reality, it can have serious physical and mental effects. Occupational stress can be wholly or partly responsible for many illnesses, including asthma, depression, headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease and ulcers.
While it raises many serious questions about the causes and effects of stress, this film is also accessible and entertaining. Most of the animated characters are at high risk from stress because they are low-status clerical workers, and because they are women. They have to deal with a wide range of problems including bad management, job design, VDUs, sexual harassment and the pressure of their 'dual role'.

Designed for anyone who is concerned with occupational health and safety, ALL STRESSED UP also stimulates discussion about how to deal with stress at work.

ALL STRESSED UP is also available in French.

A booklet containing discussion notes and resources list is supplied free with the DVD.

This film was made with financial assistance from the European Commission.

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