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Alice in Wasteland

(1991, 12 minutes)

Alice wonders where things go when they are thrown away. Her adventures in Wasteland reveal some horrifying secrets, as she comes to understand the impact of human activities on the natural environment, at local and at global level.

Using a combination of cartoon and cut-out animation, this film amuses and entertains while also providing an introduction to the problems associated with various kinds of pollution. Alice travels round the world, discovering the dangers of landfill sites, toxic waste dumps, deforestation, acid rain, ozone destruction...

Accessible to a wide range of audiences, the film uses memorable images to introduce complex ideas, and can be used at a very basic or at a more sophisticated level to stimulate thought and discussion of environmental issues - from the disappearance of wildlife, and the concept of the food chain, to such controversial problems as energy policy, biological engineering and Third World debt.

A booklet containing discussion notes and a resources list is supplied free to everyone hiring or buying the DVD.

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