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Home Truths

(1999, 12 minutes)

Five young people tell of their experiences of domestic violence. Emma and her mother escape from a violent father by moving to a refuge. Jamie sees the effect on his mother of his father's violence. For Sidra, the violence from her father is psychological and controlling. Sophie, her sister and mother are all target s of her step-father's aggression. Daniel supports his friend Tom, whose mother is being hit by her boyfriend.

They explain how living with violence affects them, their families and friends. The film shows young people responding positively to their situation. Each takes some action: telling friends or a trusted adult, contacting voluntary or statutory agencies. They all assert their right to live in a safe environment, free from violence.

HOME TRUTHS tackles some of the myths about domestic violence: that it's a private matter; that it's the woman's or child's fault; that the men involved can't help it; that it only arises in families from specific classes and cultural backgrounds.

The short, animated film is suitable for a wide audience, but it is particularly designed for use with 8-13 year olds in a school or youth group setting where, with a teacher or group leader, it will act as a catalyst for discussion.

HOME TRUTHS is also available in German, Italian, French and Greek.

A booklet containing background information and suggestions of ways to work with the film is supplied free.

Produced with financial assistance from the European Community's Daphne Initiative.

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