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Believe Me

(2002, 12 minutes)

BELIEVE ME deals with its subject in a straightforward and non-sensational way. It shows that sexual abuse consists of a wide range of inappropriate behaviour, and that most sexual abusers are known to the child and can be members of their own family.

The film carries some important messages for young people: that sexual abuse can happen to children from all kinds of different backgrounds; that if it does happen it is never their fault; that it's OK to have mixed feelings about the abuser; and that there are some 'secrets' which should never be kept. The film stresses the importance of finding and telling a trusted adult. It shows that help is available and that young people can recover from the experience.

The film is suitable for a wide audience, but is primarily designed for use with 9-13 year-olds in a class or other group setting with a teacher or group leader. It can also be used with young people in a therapeutic environment, and in a training context with adult professionals who work with children.

The DVD comes with a booklet which contains additional background information.

BELIEVE ME is also available in Spanish and German.

Made with financial assistance from: the European Community Daphne Programme, Leeds City Council Department of Leisure Services, Leeds Joint Planning Special grants Programme and the Allen Lane Foundation.

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