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Not Too Young To Grieve

(2005, 15 minutes)

Narrated by Alison Steadman

When someone dies, it affects everyone in their family, even if they are very young.

Children under five have feelings just as strong as those of older people. Although they are unable to communicate or understand fully what is happening, they will be deeply affected by the loss of a parent, sister or brother. At the same time, those looking after them are also likely to be suffering from grief and shock.

This short animated film looks at the ways very young children respond to grief, and what the adults around them can do to help. It gives parents and carers an insight into the child's grieving process, its physical and emotional effects, and the various needs of babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

NOT TOO YOUNG TO GRIEVE shows children from a wide range of backgrounds dealing with loss. It offers practical advice to parents about ways of comforting and supporting a bereaved child who may be experiencing anxiety, sleep difficulties, guilt, sadness, regression, withdrawal or physical illness. Stressing the importance of talking honestly and simply to children about death, it encourages the development of communication and a supportive family environment.

The DVD pack is designed for parents, carers, nursery workers and all those working with families and bereaved children. It is suitable for viewing at home and also for use in parenting education, bereavement support, and professional and voluntary training.

Developed in consultation with the Childhood Bereavement Network, the University of Leicester School of Education, and COPE - The Laura Centre.

Download free professional development materials relating to this film. These materials can also be downloaded free from the Childhood Bereavement Network.

NOT TOO YOUNG TO GRIEVE is also available in Spanish.

Made with financial assistance from The Parenting Fund / DfES and arts@leeds, Leeds City Council


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