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Joined-up Families

(2003, 14 minutes)

Narrated by Michael Rosen

If a family goes through big changes while the children are growing up, it can take years for everything to settle down again afterwards.

Over two and a half million children in Britain live in some kind of stepfamily. Family life is complicated: there are many people's feelings and needs to consider. And being a step-parent is more difficult than most people expect...

This 14-minute animated film looks at some of the problems that may arise in stepfamilies. It shows families from a wide range of backgrounds dealing with communication, discipline and behaviour issues.

Humourous and entertaining, the film presents recognisable situations from both a child's and an adult's point of view, and highlights the positive aspects of life in a 'joined-up family'. Parents and carers are offered insights into the needs of children and young people, and shown ways of helping them cope with family change.

The DVD and accompanying booklet are designed for parents and carers, especially those participating in a parenting course or group. It will also raise awareness and stimulate discussion during education, training or conference sessions. JOINED-UP FAMILIES is suitable for those working with families, for schools and colleges, and for viewing at home.

A booklet containing background information is supplied with the DVD.

Produced with financial assistance from the Home Office Family Support Grant Programme and Leeds City Council Department of Leisure Services.

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