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Good to be Home

(2004, 13 minutes)

Narrated by Paul Usher

When you are married or living together, and one of you goes into prison, your relationship is going to change.

This animated film looks at the problems faced by prisoners and their partners - married or living together, straight or gay, from a wide range of backgrounds.

Every relationship has problems. A spell in prison is bound to add a few more.

  • Being apart is painful. If you have children, it can be even harder to cope.
  • In prison, communicating with each other isn't easy. A prison visit may be the best way to keep in touch - but it's no dream date.
  • Coming home again doesn't usually happen the way you expected, either.

At some stage, a lot of prisoners and their partners feel they're at breaking point. But most couples do survive the experience and often end up closer than before. And even couples who do split up can learn to get on with each other, in order to share bringing up their children.

The film points out, in a humorous and positive way, some things that might help. Relationship skills can be learned, like anything else. An ex-prisoner who is happy at home is more likely to stay out of trouble. It has to be worth a try...

GOOD TO BE HOME is designed for prisoners and their partners, in groups or at home. It is useful for raising awareness and starting discussion in education, training or conferences about prisoners and their families.

Developed in consultation with Relate and Action for Prisoners' Families.

Made with financial assistance from the Mariage and Relationship Support Grant Programme, DfES and arts@leeds, Leeds City Council


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