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Working with Care

(1999, 15 minutes)

Narrated by Alan Bennett

Once upon a time, Queen Ella became a working mother. She and Prince Charming were bringing up their children according to principles of equality, of course, and had the best of both worlds; but they did not have much time for outside interests. Meanwhile, Ella's fairy godmothers were finding it difficult to help her: they were all over 500 years old now, and did not get out as much as they used to. Besides, one of them was becoming very forgetful...

Thanks to the Respite Fairy, Ella is able to go on a short quest, seeking an answer to the problem of Work, Life and Care. She meets Queen Meg of Megalomania; Snow White, whose job lies in a glass casket in the woods; and many other fairytale characters who are perhaps not so different from those we meet in everyday life.

This entertaining and thought-provoking cartoon uses themes from traditional stories to raise awareness and stimulate discussion about a range of issues including part-time working, eldercare, parental leave, respite breaks, teleworking, and various positive approaches to flexible employment.

The film is suitable for a wide range of training or educational contexts, conferences and presentations. It will be enjoyed by the general public, employees and employers, unions, local authorities, students, carers' and parents' organisations, and everyone concerned with good employment practice and equal opportunities.

Also available: THROUGH THE GLASS CEILING and NO OFFENCE, to which this film forms a sequel.

A booklet containing discussion notes and a resource list is supplied free with the DVD.

The initial research and storyboard for this film was funded by the European Commission Medium-Term Community Action Programme on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (1996-2000).

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