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Home and Dry?

(1987 - 8 minutes)

Four women fall into conversation in a launderette. As the machines whirl and the powder flows, they talk about their housing experiences, hopes and expectations. None of them would describe themselves as homeless - after all they've never slept out on the street. However as they listen to each other's stories, they begin to understand that homelessness is indeed something they've all experienced. As Olive, who works in the launderette says, "You can have a roof over your head and still be homeless."

The women all know that a home is not only a warm, waterproof building but a place which provides security; security from eviction and security from violent racial and sexual attack. Their actual housing needs vary widely but the need for decent housing as a right, is one that they all share.

HOME AND DRY? also analyses the inadequacies of present housing policies and examines the political thinking that lies behind them. It reveals how women's housing needs and requirements must be given priority as a vital and neglected component of today's housing crisis.

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